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The 2011 Preparation

I'd loved to show Karin,
the new Love Of My Life,
my passion for
New Zealand


 The preparation of 2011

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Because of all the good and beautiful memories of my journeys to New Zealand in 2003 and 2008 and my passion for this country I'd loved to share all this with my new partner in life Karin. Karin was more then curious why New Zealand was so important for me, although the photo's and the activities of my earlier journeys had given her already a good idea why.

We agreed to go and visit New Zealand. It could feel like a kind of honeymoon to us. The experiences of my first two journeys were of course important to create a balanced trip for our journey. I decided to do this years travelling the same way as I did in 2003. A trip that will bring us first to the Westcoast.

RV 00 Camper 1200x This time we would visit the North too. In 2008 I didn't go north of Auckland but now I wanted to show Karin The Bay Of Islands too. I talked it all over with Karin and often asked for her permission, but she gave me the freedom to plan the journey by myself. She knew I would project it on her wishes too. This time we hired a 7 meter long campervan by Apollo Campers. One with shower and toilet and a kitchen with gas stove, fridge and microwave. With a toilet you're really free to go. Apollo campers is renting fairly new campervans wich drive like normal luxery cars. With it's powerful and reliable 2.4 Litre turbo diesel engine you drive easely and arrive at destination very relaxed..



On the next pages you can read what we did day-by-day in our following travellog. If you place your mouse on a small photo and do a left hand click ithe photo will appear in a new window from a 300x225 pixel photo in a 1280x960 version. In the same way a number of short video's are linked to the travellog pages. When you click in the text on a video link a new window on You Tube will appear of my selfmade video's of this 2011 trip. 

We wish you great pleasure with reading and viewing of this 2011 journey and maybe you can use the information for a trip of your own., because New Zealand is worth paying a visit..

Jaap and Karin

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