The 2014 preperation

It didn't take us long.
New Zealand is for us  
paradise on earth and who
  doesn't wanna go to paradise


 The 2014 preperation

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Because of all the good and beautiful memories of all my earlier travels to New Zealand in 2003, 2008 en 2011 (2011 with my partner for life Karin) we decided to travel again Down Under". Of course also because of the reason that I took only one wrong turn in 2011 and because of that we missed the Pancake Rocks, so we actually had to go back. In 2011 Karin missed the Sperm Whales in Kaikoura because that day there was to much wind and a rough ocean so all trips were cancelled. She didn't swim with the Hector Dolphins in Akaroa because 3 weeks earlier the heavy earthquake had it's epic centre very nearby so we had to promise to our children not to go to that area. You all get it, more then enough reasons to go again to New Zealand.

RV00 01De The experiences of the earlier travels were being used to create another balanced trip through this wonderfull country. I decided that I woulde take the 2008 turn around the South Island. So first down via the East coast and up via the West coast. I already had the experience that the views on the road are less Déja Vu then driving the same route again. Seeing it from the opposite gives other reflections to the mind. gaat worden.

As told above this time Cape Reinga (ultime north) en Invercargill (most southern city on the South Island) were in the itenary. Also planned a day trip to Stewart Island by plane (the island under the South Island).

The last advantage is that we go an extra week this time. We go for 5 weeks; this gives us the oppertunity to wait a day if an important activity can't go on / through because for exemple the weater conditions. We didn't have that possibility the earlier 3 trips.

The flight was booked by Cathay Pacific, just like our flight 2011, with a stopover in Hong Kong and the camper was hired from Alpha Campervans. This time a campervan of 6 metres, a so called 2+1 Berth Alpha Campervan (All-Inclusive) from Alpha Campervans. I rented it via Travelhome of the ANWB, the Dutch AA. It has a toilet and a kitchen with gas stove, oven and microwave. A toilet in a campervan is really neccesairy; then you are real free to go where you want. Nowadays campervans drive like luxury cars and you arrive relaxt after a long day traveling.

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On the pages below you can read what we did this time. I'm working hard on the travel log and the Dutch version is now ready to day 10 and ow I'll do the first 10 days in the English version before going on with day 11.  When you click ON the photo’s in the travel log a new window opens and you can see that photo in full screen. After seeing you close that extra window and you’re back in the travel log. This is also ready for the 2008 and 2011 versions.

If you have questions or .. .You can send me an email Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


 Jaap en Karin

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