RV12 Akaroa 300x225
Day 12
16 February 2014

Hanmer Springs via
Weka Pass and Christchurch

to Akaroa (Banks Peninisula)

 RV13 Akaroa Compilatie 300x208
Day 13
17 February 2014

From Akaroa (Banks Peninsula)

swimming with Hector dolphins

to Rolleston (Ron and Netty)


 RV14 Christchurch 300x225
Day 14
18 February 2014

  Rolleston with Ron visiting the

eartquake area of Christchurch
and returning to Rolleston


 RV15 Trein 300x225
Day 15
19 February 2014

On the Tranz Alpine Express via

Arthurs Pass through the Alps to

Greymouth and back to


 RV16 Lake Tekapo Church 300x225
Day 16
20 February 2014

  Rolleston via Lake Tekapo,

ake Pukaki, Mnt Cook (Hooker
Valley Walk) to


 RV17 Jaap 300x225
Day 17
21 February 2014

  From Glentammer via Twizel,

Oamaru, Moeraki Boulders and

Otago Peninsula to Dunedin


 RV18 Zeeleeuw 300x225
Day 18
22 February 2014

  Dunedin through The Catlins

via Nugget Point and Cannibal
Bay to McLean Falls HP


 RV19 Pinguins 300x225
Day 19
23 February 2014

  From McLean Falls HP

(The Catlins) via Curio Bay
  to Invercargill


 RV20 Stirling Point 300x225
Day 20
24 February 2014

  From Invercargill via Bluff

Riverton, Clifden and Manapouri
to Te Anau


 RV21 Samen in Doubtful Sound 300x225
Day 21
25 February 2014

Te Anua via Manapouri
to Doubtful Sound (Cruise) and

via Milford Road to Milford Sound

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