Travel log en Slideshows of 2003, 2008, 2011 and 2014

Here you find in writing and pictures my travel log and slideshows of 
my 4 trips to New Zealand in 2003 (only Dutch), 2008, 2011 and 2014.


Four times New Zealand (2003, 2008, 2011 and 2014), so in my case at this moment 4 times a travel log and 4 times a slideshow. Travel log 2014 is now completed and most of the Slideshows 2014 are ready.

Visit this site and enjoy all the information. Use the information for planning your own trip to New Zealand or get good memories back with my photo’s of your own visit to this more then breathtaking land. When you click ON the photo’s in the travel log a new window opens and you can see that photo in full screen. After seeing you close that extra window and you’re back in the travel log. This is ready for the 2008, 2011 and 2014 version. The 2003 travel log is not yet in English and the photo’s have not the possibility to see in a extra window. Maybe someday  …. You can see them under the Dutch language.  

On November 1, 2016, the counter of the New Zealand Travelsite and the photo collections on FLICKR and GOOGLE+ passed the 1 million hits. (Counter at the bottom of this page). In December 2021, the counter (see at the bottom of the page) has increased to 4.1 million hits.

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In November and December 2003 I travelled with my daughter Sonja and in 2008 I planned this trip, in about the same period alone. My last journey, the third and fourth ones, were with the new love in my life Karin.

2003 - In November and December 2003 I travelled with my daughter Sonja. We visited both islands with a campervan. In the week before leaving I bought my first digital camera and in New Zealand we visited every 2 or 3 days an Internet Café where we uploaded a few photo’s for family and friends so they had an idea what we were doing. Back in the Netherlands I got so many positive reactions about publishing the photo’s on this site that I decided to place more photo’s on the Internet. At first I used MSN-Groups but they stopped with this in 2009. At that moment I bought this site under my own name. Once created with the magnificent help of the “expert” in Joomla, my colleague Henri Visser, I added the travel logs for 2008 and 2003 to it. And made photo theme’s of the activities we did.

2008 - Because I was so impressed by my first trip to New Zealand I decided to go again. I hired a small campervan from Dutch people and made another 4 weeks trip. Later at home I translated the 2008 travel log in English with the help of my friend in New Zealand, Sue Nicholsson (unfortunately she died, much to soon, in June 2012). 

2011 - This year I returned to New Zealand with my new partner and love Karin. I wanted to show her the beauty of the country that will never leave my mind. Now we visited New Zealand from the end of February till the end of March. Karin was more then impressed by all the pure nature that her eyes caught during our trip. She made a daily travel log (sorry – till now only in Dutch) and I placed the photo’s during the trip. This NZ 2011 On the road photo map with 421 photo’s uploaded during those 4 weeks is seen 9000 times during our holiday (now more then 15.500 times). The 2011 travel log is ready in English and the slideshows of our activities too.

RV 2011 Hoofdmenu 1280x

2014 - Lucky we are to go again to New Zealand, the country I love. This time I planned to see the parts of New Zealand that I didn't visit on my first 3 travels. So that was up north to Cape Reinga, twice planned in the last week and then too tired to go. And the West coast near Auckland and on the South Island the deep South East area called The Catlins. Also a visit to Stewart Island was planned but the plane was full and the weather was bad that day. Again it was a memorable trip were we took 7300 photo's and 4 hours of video. 

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All photo's are now on FLIKCR - I had all my photo’s at my user site on Webshots. But Webshots ended and did an upgrade to Smile. And I decided with a lot of other members to change to FLIKCR for storing my photo’s. All the photo’s of the 2003, 2008, 2011 and 2014 trips are already in really perfect slideshows, placed on my site at Flickr. But you can also see them one by one in your own tempo.

Enjoy all the information on my site, use it – as many people before you – to plan your own trip through this wonderful land. Or give this information to people that are planning a trip or been there already and need that Déjà Vu.

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2018 moved from the Netherlands to Southern Spain
- Bought our own house in 2019

After renting a house in Calasparra, Southern Spain in the form of a sabbatical, this life turned out to be so good that it resulted in us looking around and we found in the neighboring Urbanization Cañada Verde in the city of Calasparra, Region Murcia a beautiful house that we could buy, including full inventory. 

01a  Huis 21 Zwembad met Tuinverlichting aan  Huis 02a Ons huis hier nog met coniferenhaag

Since February 1, 2019 we now live there permanently and with great pleasure in a beautiful environment.

Our children are also happy to come over and enjoy holidays with us.

Huis 06 Terras voor het huis  IMG 1923a  Huis 12 Zonneterras rechts van het huis

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 terraces (including a roof terrace) and a private swimming pool. A large room and a large kitchen and everything on the ground floor really appealed to us in this house.


Jaap Postma, Calasparra, Region Mucia, Spain



Webshots had more then 646 million photo's stored; On 29-08-2009 my Photo below became POTD (Photo Of The Day) on Webshots. The first week I had in 45.965 visitors (First day even 23.500) and almost 8500 downloads of this photo.

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